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SUGOi Zap Cycling Cap

SUGOi Zap Cycling Cap

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Details Though a cycling cap can be seen as a throwaway item, just some piece of swag, the Sugoi Zapp Cycling Cap will force you to reassess how much you value and appreciate the cap covering your lid. The main body is made from a sturdy, but breathable cotton. It has a classic style, but gets a modern flash with a visibility stripe on the brim and additional visibility detailing on the back hem. The six-panel design will help it accommodate the shape of your head without squeezing too tightly. The rear hem is cinched with elastic, so that it stays on securely. Inside, the sweat band is made from a high-wicking synthetic mesh that will transfer the moisture from your forehead to the exterior of the hat to facilitate evaporation. You won’t have to worry about sweat rolling into your eyes on a hot climb with the Zap Cap there to take care of it. This is a one-size-will-fit-most hat. Item #SUG00B9 Tech Specs Material Mobil (84% polyester, 16% spandex) Adjustability elastic back Recommended Use cycling Manufacturer Warranty 30 days

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